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Seastar Educare provides extensive career counseling and consultancy services to students, individually meeting with the student regarding educational and vocational aspects.

Our career counselor will determine what the student’s desires are with regard to what they wish to pursue as a career once they graduate from the educational establishment. We will also make sure the institution will formulate various opportunities for the student with regards to their career options and job opportunities. Some of the schools also offer a hundred percent job guarantee at the end of the course.

We at Seastar Educare organize seminars to provide students with the facility of speaking to a representative from the school, college or university. This will help the student not only clear all his academic queries but also queries related to career options, leisure facilities, faculty information, surrounding area and activities in the destination city. 
Students are also provided with complete information and supporting documents such brochures, application forms and websites.
This will not only help the student choose the right school for him but also make sure the student is motivated and content with the decision he has taken.

A constant interaction with entrepreneurs, college administrators, financial institutions and industry experts has made our counseling team well acquainted with the education system and the process of obtaining your visa to help students make this process smooth and simple.

Seastar educare also makes it a point to organize regular educational group sessions and educational fairs. This is conducted to help students find a variety of courses of their interest and choose the right field so as to focus in that particular field.

For further information to organize or attend a seminar or to meet a counselor please do not hesitate to
call us on 022-6130004/05 or
email us at: info@seastargrp.com

Our Free student services include:
  • Seminars for different universities
  • University expert visits and consultation
  • Counseling of the student to fit the right university and course
  • University recommendation and selection
  • Application ad documentation to the university
  • Finance assistance
  • Scholarship Guidance
  • Visa application
  • Visa processing and follow up
  • Tests and IELTS registrations
  • Exams and coaching
  • Air tickets and travel arrangements
  • Forex assistance
  • Pre departure assistance
  • Post departure assistance
  • Pick up and drop at the desired destination
  • Assistance with accommodation

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