Seastar Educare
Seastar Educare makes the process of going overseas to study an easy and less tiresome. Partnered with several airline companies and education loan companies, we make it easy for a student to obtain loans and make travel arrangements to their destination.

Our students have been successful in obtaining education of their interest and a respectable job in the industry.

We at Seastar take complete responsibility of a student in completion of his process to go abroad and study at a desired destination and university.

Seastar provides the students with information on:

  • The universities and colleges
  • Courses
  • Cost of study
  • Cost of living and accommodation
  • Work opportunities
  • Career options
  • Wekeep in mind our social responsibilities while serving our clients such as safety and pollution prevention.
  • We strive to develop teams of expert ship recruits who work by keeping in mind the expectations of their superiors.
  • Ourset of clear policies, training procedure and fundamentals is what ittakes to generate experts who are well versed with the shipping industryand its etiquettes.
  • We make sure that our staff gets non-stop technical support and anenvironment that allows our onboard staff to perform without any stress,thus allowing them to be highly productive all the time.
  • Weare growing. We believe the day is not far when we will be one of the well-known names in the field of shipboard maintenance. Meanwhile we are enjoying being recognized on the global front due to our seamless services at competitive and cost-effective rates.
We aim to be like the captain of a ship who manages the system, the staff and the ship itself.    

Our vision is as clear as a lighthouse that helps with navigation and makes sure that your voyage is smooth sailing.

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