About us
Seastar Educare Mumbai was established in 2010 and has been successful in sending under graduate and postgraduate students to the United Kingdom.

We at Seastar aim to provide the student with the best services and guidance for their further education. All these services provided are offered at absolutely NO COST along with counseling to fit the right school for the right student and completion of the entire visa program.

What makes us unique are the programs the schools offer the students to make the most out of their stay in the United Kingdom. Along services provided to students while they are planning their education and also after they leave their home country.

Being an aspiring endeavor of the successful Seastar Ship Management Pvt. Ltd, Seastar Educare caters to students wanting to complete business management, hospitality, Marine engineering and many other fields of study.

  • Are you thinking about studying abroad?
  • Is pursuing an education in a foreign land one of your dreams?
  • Have you been looking for guidance or counseling to fit you into the right school?
Seastar has partnered with several leading colleges of UK and strive to provide the best of education and services for the students. The process of studying abroad could get complicated if not done in a systematic manner. Our career counseling and visa experts will definitely make this simple for the student guiding him through the entire procedure making sure he has chosen the right course and the right college for him.

Our visa experts make sure that the student has collected all the documents required for the application process and that the student is prepared for the interview.

Last but not least, we make sure that the student has been given instructions on his journey overseas and he has been briefed on how to find his way to the college. Our services extend till the student has completed his course and we keep a track of the student record making sure he has successfully completed the course and obtained a job.

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